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Working with Fresenius Kabi’s support services can help optimize storage of Simplist prefilled syringes in medication automation systems and assist clinicians in using best practices during Simplist IV Push medication administration.


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ASA Perioperative Surgical Home

These guidelines are based on a patient-centric, team-based model of care created by leaders within the American Society of Anesthesiologists to help meet the demands of a rapidly approaching health care paradigm that will emphasize gratified providers, improved population health, reduced care costs and satisfied patients.


AANA Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

These care pathways form an integrated continuum, as the patient moves from home through the pre-hospital/pre-admission, preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of surgery and home again.


APSF Multimodal Analgesia and Alternatives to Opioids for Postoperative Analgesia

This article describes the rationale for use of multimodal analgesia and discusses non-opioid medications that can be used as part of a multimodal approach to postoperative pain relief.


ASHP Guidelines: Minimum Standard for Pharmacies in Hospitals

These minimum standard guidelines are intended to serve as a basic guide for the provision of pharmacy services in hospitals. These guidelines outline a minimum level of services that most hospital pharmacy departments should consistently provide.


ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide guidance to health systems on planning for and implementing best practices when establishing a comprehensive Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Program.


CDC’s Position — Protect Patients Against Preventable Harm from Improper Use of Single-dose ⁄ Single-use Vials

In an effort to ensure clinicians are clear about CDC guidelines, the Agency is restating its position on the use of single-dose/single-use vials and also seeks to dispel inaccuracies being disseminated to healthcare providers.


ISMP Safe Practice Guidelines for Adult IV Push Medications

The ISMP Guidelines for Safe Practice of Adult IV Push Medications were developed to help healthcare facilities standardize the safe administration of parenteral IV push medications and prevent unsafe practices and at-risk behaviors associated with IV push administration of adult medications.


Joint Commission 2019 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals (CAMH)

The official Joint Commission standards and accreditation policies. Everything your hospital needs for continuous compliance. For staff responsible for accreditation, compliance, patient safety, or quality improvement


Joint Commission Pain Management Standards for Accredited Organizations

The Joint Commission’s requirements outline a multi-level approach to pain management to help frontline staff and clinicians deliver safe, individualized pain care.


Ready-to-Administer (RTA) MedSafety Tracer Tool

The tool is composed of four modules designed to help hospitals in assessing the challenges and barriers and prioritizing and developing corrective action plans to improve the safety of injectable medications.