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Analytics for streamlining the storage of Simplist®

Optilytics® analyzes existing data from automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) and provides a succinct road map for reorganization. Utilizing a few standard reports from your ADC, Optilytics from Fresenius Kabi can make the storage of Simplist simple, time-effective, and efficient.


  • Automated cabinet analysis for Simplist prefilled syringes
  • For customers considering Simplist, implementation roadmap provided
  • For customers with Simplist, optimizations provided
  • All Optilytics Simplist reports are complimentary
  • Easy to get started, with little time commitment to view results
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How it works
Optilytics analyzes your ADC data and provides step-by-step instructions for selective enhancements, giving you time estimates and allowing you to optimize for Simplist quickly and easily.
1. Data collection
We request a few standard ADC inventory reports. No patient information is required, and no data will be shared.
2. Analysis
Optilytics will also look to improve the storage of Simplist already loaded in the cabinet. Par levels will be adjusted as needed to optimize space for Simplist.
3. Reporting
Optilytics provides instructions for the selective optimization of Simplist. Reporting includes the tool’s overall impact, including time estimates and inventory changes.
ADC reporting data table
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